Changing Lives explores one of the most sacred facilities of art - as a catharsis for the artist and a source of inspiration to others."

Alexander de Cadenet, artist, author, poet, 'The Muse'

Harriet Muller is a remarkable young artist who has realised a dream for herself by drawing upon the strength that often flows from facing up to and overcoming loss. In this superb publication, which is a finely balanced collation of art and language, her intriguing images illuminate not only the tales told by her friends but also the essential nature of the underlying experiences. Troubled relationships, adventures in far places, moments of epiphany - Harriet's brush is assured, colourful, often wistful and always allows for many layers of meaning. Changing Lives is a memorable work. Each page leaves an afterglow.

Nicholas Hasluck, author of the prize-winning novels, The Bellarmine Jug and The Country Without Music

Following her own life-changing experience, Harriet started collecting stories about events that have turned around the lives of people she knows. They are poignant tales of hope and the ability to overcome whatever life produces, forming the inspiration for a collection of paintings; each one featured in Changing Lives with the corresponding story.

This is a limited edition series of 350 copies. If you would like to purchase a copy please click on the secure link below.